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Property Solicitor Negligence Claims

Is it possible to receive Legal Aid in making a Housing Disrepair compensation claim?

Housing lawyers for the poor state of housing are a vital service. If you live in a house or property of a rental chamber for a social housing affiliation that has fallen into a state of deterioration, you may have the ability to claim compensation for health problems and discomfort that this has caused. You […]

Family Court

Can You Take Legal Action Against A Family Court?

A legal action against a family court would be cumbersome and, frankly, inappropriate for fruitfulness. However, they have a decent foundation of faith to require the Court to change its previous order. We know that cash is a huge problem, but a decent family lawyer can really encourage you. There are a lot of things […]

Can I Sue a Spouse for a Personal Injury?

Suing a spouse for a personal injury is possible but very tricky. The process has so many laws to consider before even moving forward to making a claim. It requires the expertise of highly qualified and knowledgeable personal injury solicitors. While the making a claim against your spouse may be difficult it is not entirely […]

drink drive

How To Appeal A Totting Up Ban

Being banned from driving for speeding should never be the end of you. There are people who feel that such punishment is very severe. At this time, you should be careful not to make a mistake of driving even if you feel the disqualification was somehow unfair. You need to take the legally approved way […]

Architect Misconduct

Examples of Architect Misconduct

Work environment offense falls into two classes: gross and general. While general unfortunate behaviour is an issue for managers, net wrongdoing is a purpose behind the quick disciplinary activity, normally expulsion. As an entrepreneur, ensure you comprehend that the weight of verification is on the business when terminating somebody for net unfortunate behaviour. Keep exact […]

UK employment law updates in 2018

Five or more employees cannot incorporate any investigation in an investigation that looks for the criminal history of the candidate. The employer cannot “ask” or “consider” the history of the candidate’s document until the block’s work has been done. You should seek advice from solicitors in Chester or wherever you are in the UK. The […]

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is one of such genuine concerns which has now been common these days, be it an open body or a private enterprise. This is the issue which people are afraid of taking strict action against as if the allegation they have made on the harasser goes false, this ruins the […]