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Can I Sue a Spouse for a Personal Injury?

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Suing a spouse for a personal injury is possible but very tricky. The process has so many laws to consider before even moving forward to making a claim. It requires the expertise of highly qualified and knowledgeable personal injury solicitors. While the making a claim against your spouse may be difficult it is not entirely impossible. There are ways or things that allow you to seek recompense.

One of the cases where it is possible to sue a spouse for personal injury is when they cause you an accident. You will be making a claim as a passenger and there are chances if you have excellent personal injury solicitors you will win compensation. In the UK, every owner of a motor vehicle is required by the law to have an insurance policy that covers them and their passengers.

This is one of the chances a personal injury solicitor can explore and get you compensation. At this point, it is the insurance of your spouse which will be covering the financial compensation that you’ll win. It is widely known that any spouse who causes personal injury deliberately can be sued by their partner. This is through domestic violence compensation.

In most cases, victims of domestic violence get the impression that they cannot find any help but that is not always the case. Indeed making a compensation claim against a spouse is the last thing one should consider but there is a likelihood of getting compensated. One usually thinks of the repercussions of suing a spouse but some cases there is a need to claim.

Actually, there are types of domestic violence that leave a devastating effect for years requiring a spouse to make a claim. There are things that cause a lot of physical, physiological, psychological suffering. Domestic violence that leads to suffering and which one can sue a spouse include:

– Physical abuse such as battering by a partner

– Financial abuse such as deprivation

– Sexual abuse (there’s a range in this area generally revolving around the use of force)

– Emotional abuse like threats of abuse, defamation and demeaning criticism

In most cases partners are comfortable suing a spouse after a separation. As much as it is challenging to sue a spouse there are times when the personal injury is just beyond just letting go. It is wise to know that there were times when there was a rule that kept spouses from suing each other. However, the 20th century has seen most of these classic rules being abolished, making it possible for one to sue a spouse for personal injury.

The best thing one should do before thinking of suing a spouse for a personal injury is to talk to personal injury solicitors. These are experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of personal injury.

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