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How To Appeal A Totting Up Ban

Being banned from driving for speeding should never be the end of you. There are people who feel that such punishment is very severe. At this time, you should be careful not to make a mistake of driving even if you feel the disqualification was somehow unfair. You need to take the legally approved way […]

UK employment law updates in 2018

Five or more employees cannot incorporate any investigation in an investigation that looks for the criminal history of the candidate. The employer cannot “ask” or “consider” the history of the candidate’s document until the block’s work has been done. You should seek advice from solicitors in Chester or wherever you are in the UK. The […]

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is one of such genuine concerns which has now been common these days, be it an open body or a private enterprise. This is the issue which people are afraid of taking strict action against as if the allegation they have made on the harasser goes false, this ruins the […]