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Is it possible to receive Legal Aid in making a Housing Disrepair compensation claim?

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Housing lawyers for the poor state of housing are a vital service. If you live in a house or property of a rental chamber for a social housing affiliation that has fallen into a state of deterioration, you may have the ability to claim compensation for health problems and discomfort that this has caused.

You can make a legal move to claim compensation in the middle of your tenancy or after it is closed You have up to 6 years (or 3 years to claim personal injury), from the moment when your owner should have completed the repair.

If you start your claim in the middle of your occupation, you can also request that the court organize your landlord to do repair work. You cannot make a legal move to obtain compensation, except if you report the problem of reparation to your owner in the midst of your mandate.

If you have repair problems in your home, you can claim compensation:

  • damaged your possessions
  • made the health of you or someone in your family unit more terrible
  • caused a load or left you unable to use most of your home

Poor housing conditions and health and safety can lead to a professional negligence claim. The auxiliary damage, shape and shine can make your property dangerous and dangerous to live. Its owner is responsible for ensuring:

  • The kettle operates correctly and is protected.
  • All auxiliary repairs are completed in an auspicious manner
  • The roof and plaster work are maintained.
  • Leaks are repaired quickly.
  • Soaking areas and shape are treated and the reason is managed
  • Wet and dry material is spoiled.
  • The subsidence is managed.
  • The broken sewerage is quickly resolved
  • Damaged or discovered wiring is impersonated.
  • Gas and water spills are dealt with immediately.
  • Faulty focal heating is repaired or supplanted
  • The insufficient security of the house is not a problem

If a circumstance occurs in which the state of life of your house is intensifying definitively because your social owner neglects the repair of auxiliary damages, you may have to make a move. No one should have to endure unhealthy and corrupt living conditions, or, in other words, the masters of the poor state of the home can allow him to request fundamental repairs to his owner and even claim compensation for the damages and inconveniences caused.

Social rights and rights of Council tenants
If your board of directors or property is in poor condition and your owner does not consider it important, contact our housing specialists today for advice and guidance regarding your repair claim.

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