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Sexual harassment in the workplace

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is one of such genuine concerns which has now been common these days, be it an open body or a private enterprise. This is the issue which people are afraid of taking strict action against as if the allegation they have made on the harasser goes false, this ruins the victim’s own dignity. Moreover, it can destroy the whole career of a person if he or she fails to prove his/her accusation.

This is to advise the employers as well to take necessary and prompt steps against such heinous crimes in their workplace as theses incidences malign the integrity of their organizations. In order to ensure the justice in such cases of sexual harassment, it is necessary for the employers to conduct the honest intervention and investigation at the organizational level. Employer’s action must send a message to all the employees not to be engaged in such issues.

There are some institutes which offer online sexual harassment training which can make you learn to handle such a situation of sexual harassment at your workplace. Besides, there are some essential tips which you need to note down in your brain if you encounter any such incidence of molestation. Whether you receiving support from solicitors in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK, here are the key tips:

  1. You should keep yourself prepared to deal with these molestation occurrences at the workplaces. You can get the essential tips and tricks through the harassment training for employees offered by various institutes. Tips offered through such training will enable you to help yourself if you get indulged in such incidences of harassment.
  2. The second most important thing you should do is to keep your family and friends informed about such incidence when you encounter such incidence very first time in your life.
  3. You should figure out how to state NO to such practices which you are awkward with. Your NO must be effective and emphatic which can send a strong message to the harasser that you are not going to tolerate it anyway.
  4. Even after your strict warning, the  perpetrator  might not stop. Your next step must focus on collecting the evidence. You can record the perpetrator’s video or you can record the voice with your smart-phone or spy-cam.
  5. You must go to the senior authority or to the employer of your organization and frankly speak about your concern without being afraid of after-consequences.

In addition, if you’re an included in a union, it’s also a good idea to submit a complaint with your union particularly if your boss is the individual that is harassing you. Learn your union’s grievance procedure and submit the essential documentation. Also make sure to get solicitors in Manchester or elsewhere to advise on your case.

If the sexual harassment persists once you filed with the EEOC, your state’s fair job firm as well as your union then a lawsuit is the next phase. Being a sufferer of sexual harassment entitles you to sue for money damages and getting the harasser taken from your work site to avoid future harassment from happening. Furthermore, should you unfairly lose your job because you rejected sexual advances it is possible to take legal action to get your job back.

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